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Need some air

January 2, 2021

I dreamt I was in outer space

Cast away from the human race

From the mothership they pushed me out

And no one heard me shout.

We’ve been adrift on Earth for years,

Fishing for likes and followers

Glued to the devices we own

In a social media lockdown.

Then our wishes seemed granted

When the virus left us further disjointed

Isolated by a scourge

Eager to dodge the crowds.

But a deadly silence throttles

Millions of victims in hospitals

Severed from their families

Breathing only memories.

Nations rejoiced when the wall crumbled

Free markets unleashed, the weak tumbled

Globalization ravaged communities

Bred hate, violence and disunity.

Then it spawned infections

Products of unhealthy conditions

From places where people flew

To every corner of the world you knew.

Now they have the world in a chokehold

Suffocating young and old

Challenging nations to solve

A problem that needs universal resolve.

But as winter closes its grip

Efforts to control the virus seem to slip

Helpless against an enemy so invasive

A miasma that makes it hard to live.

Could we all be drifting in outer space,

The entire human race,

Cast away from Earth

For despoiling the planet of our birth?

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